Get Real Gemstone

All that glitters is not gold! As gemstones are highly sought after in India due to their astrological benefits, there is a huge amount of fake gemstones. It is true that gems can enhance the strength of planets, provided we select the correct stone.

Real colour of the gem:

The colour of the gemstone means a lot. These days all the gemstones are treated to enhance its colour. The gemstone you intend to buy should have a vibrant colour and should be even and eye-pleasing. To determine if this is the case, look at it from under a magnifying lens to see if the stone has an unusual opacity and colour concentrations.

Credibility of a seller:

To be safe always buy gemstone from certified sellers only. A genuine seller will educate you about your gemstone and help you find the quality, cut, and type of gemstone for your needs. We at GeoGemms have been dealing with gemstones since 2014 and have our very own gemstone research, cutting & testing center with state of the art equipment. As a certified government laboratory we issue Certificate of Genuinity.

Shape and design:

While buying a gemstone, people are usually attentive about the shape of the gemstone. Each cut and shape has different characteristics. When you buy a gemstone, look for the one that is well-cut without any marks on it. To gain the correct astrological results, the ring or pendant should be designed in manner that it touches the skin and the rays are allowed to pass through the gemstone to enter the body. Gemstones are worn for drawing additional energy from the respective planets. So, if a particular planet is weak, one should wear a gemstone in order to derive the required strength.

Pay as per transparency:

Once the above points are finalized, you should now look for the transparency of the gemstone. The more transparent a gemstone the higher is its value. But beware, the transparency should be natural and not created by heating, glass-filling or metal filling in it. An enhancement made in gems, which is greatly prevalent today, makes the gem ineffective.