The food tastes great! Cheer for *@Punjab Cabin *. Lately, I have seen a lot of negative stories related to the bad experience of food delivery app, ,this is a positive one. I have been using uber easts for a year and half now and i have around 150 + orders under my name. Except one order where i felt the food was crap, none of the other orders ever disappoined me. I usually order from the resturants whose food quality and taste is known to me. These platforms are giving sidekick jobs to hundereds ( if not thousnads) of teens and for many its a primary job, simply scrap these apps means loss of livelyhood for many. I have seen sevaral small food outlet whose sales, thanks to these platforms , increased from 10-15 per day to about 100+ orders daily ! Guys just go for ratings, and try to order items from the resturants that you have physically visted atleast once. The quantity, quality and flavour of each and every resturant is different , so are our tastebuds 😀

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