Best place to buy Ruby in Guwahati

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Ruby, a naturally occurring stone is considered to be the most precious gemstones. Ruby is popularly known as Manik and is available in various ranges. The Manik stone is available in colors varying from light pink to various shades of red. Geogemms Genuine Pvt Ltd is one of the best place to buy Ruby stone. It is also known as the “King of gemstones”. In the earlier centuries the Ruby stone was worn by queens as a sign of royalty. Even nowadays it can be seen many people opt for the Ruby stone as a replacement of diamonds.

The best quality Ruby is found in Burma and its price can go higher than diamond. The history of Ruby is quite old and there are many untold stories that lies behind the stone. The Ruby stone is given for the planet Sun and also for the Leo sun sign. One can buy Ruby to have good health, fame and wealth. It improves the mental condition of the user; also it helps to develop the mind.

Geogemms is considered the best place to buy Ruby at a reasonable rate. It is one of the leading places in North east India where one can buy best quality Ruby and various other gemstones. We even provide various facilities such as EMI, certification of the gemstone, replacement, and shipping all over the country.