Gomed stone price in india

Various elements, including quality, weight, and origin, can affect the cost of a Gomed (Hessonite) stone in India. The average price per carat for a good quality Gomed stone ranges from a few hundred to several thousand rupees.
It is advisable to purchase Gomed stones from a trusted and reputable dealer to ensure the authenticity and quality of the stone.
Gomed stone price in India
How To use
If you intend to buy the stone for astrological or ornamental uses, you can use the cost of gomed (hessonite) in India as point of reference. 
Here are some ways you can use the price of the stone:
1. Budgeting: Understanding the price of Gomed stone in India might help you plan budget for your purchase. 
By having an idea of the current market price, you can decide on the quality and weight of the stone that you can afford.
2. Comparison: To make sure you are getting the stone for a fair price, you can compare prices from various sellers. You can avoid getting overcharged or conned by dishonest dealers by conducting some research and comparing prices.
types of Gomed stone price in India
Depending on the stone’s kind, quality, size, and place of origin, Gomed stones might cost different amounts in India. Gomed stones from India, Africa, and Ceylon are some of the more well-known varieties. These stones range in price, with Indian Gomed being the least expensive and Ceylonese Gomed being the most costly. Gomed stones can cost anywhere from INR 500 and INR 5000 per carat on average, although rare and superior stones can cost much more.