Moonstone comes in many colors but transparent white Moonstone with blue Schiller is the most desirable. The Moonstone is considered to have energies same as the moon. This stone is considered best for the improvement of mental health. People suffering from Anxiety, Stress, or Dilemma can wear the moonstone for mental wellbeing. The moonstone is advised by astrologist to improve love, and family relationships. This stone is found all over the world but most abundantly it is found in Sri lanka and Australia.

According to ancient belief it has been believed that the Moonstone has been formed by the rays of the moon falling on the earth once it is cooled. This stone is available in different colors such as blue, peach, pink, green, black and grey. This stone can be worn by both men and women and is a wonderful alternative of diamond. Also, the Moonstone is seen to be effective for women who are facing problems while conceiving for a long time.

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